Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Vacations are the bomb. Especially when you go with the two funniest people ever to step foot on this earth. Sara Pickett and Reed Charles just about had me dying from laughing every day.
We drove up to Island Park (up in Idaho)to spend the weekend with his grandparents at their cabin. Holy cow this cabin was amazing! So pretty too. It had two levels and an awesome loft. Every morning we wake up to cookies and a big breakfast. His grandparents are some of the most sarcastic, funny old people i have ever met. So super nice too. The first day we went four wheeling. I'm basically pro at four wheeling, i just like to look at whats around me when i ride so Sara thinks i go too slow even though i'm doing 25mph+ the whole time.
The second day we went up to Yellowstone. I had never been there so they figured they would take me on an adventure. Woot. We got stuck in traffic for about 45 mins. after getting into the park. There wasn't much to do to keep ourselves entertained since there were no animals around so Reed decided to bark at the people who walked past the car. He also pulled out his camera and when someone would walk by he'd scream "Wildlife!" and take a picture of them. I love getting confused looks from people that think we are freaks. We saw some cool geysers and of course took a trip to see Old Faithful. It was of course...faithful. While we were on our way out of the park, we saw a buffalo. Only freaking animal we saw the whole time besides a squirrel.
That night we drove to Idaho Falls because his grandparents were going home and we were gonna stay at their house for our last night. Of course, I get the bedroom int he basement that is covered in pink and has a nice creepy rag doll sitting on the bed. *major shuddering* So when Sara went upstairs i grabbed the doll and put it on her bed. When she finally went into her room to change, she shut the door. I hear an "Ahhhh!" and then i see the door shaking. The door was stuck and she couldn't get it open. So of course i'm on the floor laughing so hard that i can't breath. Ah, good times. So when we all finally went to bed i waited about ten minutes and then decided to text Sara and say "Creepy doll girl is sitting under your bed. Waiting for you to fall asleep" So the next thing i know, Sara runs into my room and jumps into my bed. Yep, i just got a roommate for the night hahaha. I think maybe i should have been nicer to her though. I woke up the next morning when she started beating me over the head with the doll...It wasn't a soft doll. And when i didn't get out of bed for that, she has Ryan give me a "wake up call". I guess that's one way to get me awake. Good morning, my friend is an abusive genius. To say the least.
Now me and Sara are talking about moving out and going to live in a condo on the East side of Murray. That would become the party house for sure. And hopefully over labor day weekend we will be adventuring in Carlsbad, California. Then i can go to the beach and mark another thing off my bucket list!!
Speaking of the bucket list...Here's an update:

-Soap up the three fountains

-Go on a date to Lagoon (always thought that would be the funnest date)

-Get a kiss in the rain (not just any random kiss. a meaningful one)

-Go skydiving

-Visit (bodacious!) Brad in Arizona He's over in utah now for college so this aint gonna happen. FAIL


-Read the Book of Mormon all the way through again

-See the ocean

-Walk on the beach in the moonlight

-Have a "paint my house" party

-Work and save up my money

-Be nicer to my sisters and brother believe it or not, i'm a lot nicer than i used to be. WIN

-Appreciate my parents more Definitely a WIN

-Play for All Stars Didn't make the team. FAIL

-Go on a date to temple square

-Make a few awesome music videos

-Learn to do some legit tricks on the trampoline like Joseph and his brother

-Have the biggest bonfire EVER Thanks to Celeste, Dave, Benny and Kyle and lots of other random people. Had it on my birthday! It rocked. WIN

-Go boating. Possibly try water skiing, but for sure go tubing.

-Go camping A LOT. Trek, Girls Camp. Family trip, Idaho cabin and soon the sand dunes! WIN

-Have a paint fight Epic. Celeste, Eric, Maddi, Jessica, and Mike helped with this one. WIN

-Hike like a maniac. (Hike a lot. Not act like a maniac while i hike.) Hiked every chance i got. Too bad my body doesn't want to let me breath. but still, a WIN

-Make a giant Works bomb Brett, Matt, Becky, Andrew, and Andrew helped with this one. It was amazing and a lot louder than expected. Not our smartest idea. But hilarious. WIN

-Actually do something for my birthday Movies with Sara, Dinner with Kelsey. Movie and brownies with Celeste and Madi. But sadly, I didn't get a bouncy house... WIN

-Hang out with my long lost friends found vis Facebook stalking

-Try not to eat ice cream! (decided that it's not gonna happen. I like shakes too much.) FAIL

-Air soft war with Sara Pickett, Celeste and whoever wants to get killed by us


sara p. said...

so i searched myself on google and i found this. this is one of the first posts up there. i was shocked. so i read this and laughed cause i had never read it before. this is most bodacious!

Kyleekate said...

I don't know which I like better. The fact that you read this, or the fact that you googled your self...