Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jr, Prizzom

I just got my Prom pictures so i figured i would post those along with a little prom story. Honestly, i was almost positive that i was not getting asked to prom. Every guy i knew had already asked some one. Yes, i was bummed. But i was willing to deal with it. I did realize that it was just a school dance, not the end of the world. But then, saturday night, a week before the dance, my porch gets covered in ice cubes, a teddy bear and a poster that says "It would be 'beary' cool if you would go to prom with me". The teddy bear was holding a smaller sign that read "Colton Harton". When i saw this name, i was very suprised to say the least. But i guess to totally understand why i so taken aback, i'll have to go back 3 days earlier...


That week happened to be my spring break. Naturally, everyone went on vacation but me. So all i had to do was sit in my house, rid my rip stick, and play video games. Not my idea of a spring break. Taylorsville was still in school though. Christelle called me up tuesday and asked if i wanted to go to school with her on wednesday. I thought it over, and yes i did realize that going to school over spring break would make me the biggest dork alive, but i said yes. After all, i hadn't seen my T-ville friends in what had seemed like forever. So she picked me up the next morning and i went to all of her classes. None of the teachers minded, and her english teacher actually thought i was a girl named Melissa for half of the class. Christelle's last class of the day was seminary. What a great way to end your day. Honestly. So we walked over to the building and talked to friends and her teacher Bro. Colman. He asked if i was friends with the boy sitting in front of me and i said no, and Bro Colman said should be and the boy in front of me agreed and introduced himself as Colton. He was the senior vice there at Tville. So i smiled at him, told him my name and tried not to let my face turn the red color that it often does. Then every one got quiet and listened to the devotional and i sat there and tried not to feel awkward. For the opening hymn we sang "Nearer my God to Thee" and after we finished singing, the boy sitting in front of me turned around and said "Wow, you have a really pretty voice. Christelle brought and angel to class today." then turned back around. I was a bit shocked. First of all, i thought i was singing quiet enough so that no one could really hear me like usual, and second... i really had no idea who this boy was. All i knew was that his name was Colton and he was pretty cute. So naturally i just blushed, and said a quiet thank you. Later in the lesson, Bro Colman was teaching us about how there are angels all around us and are there to help and comfort us at all times. Again this boy turns around and says "Yeah, there is an angel sitting right behind me." I laugh, blush and look down at my desk smiling. Chrsitelle was sitting next to me and he looks at me then over at her and she just laughs and says "Oh my gosh..."
Later in the class we start talking a little bit and we realize i go to school with two guys that are in his ward. After class Chrsitelle Colton and I walk to the school and talk a bit but then go our own ways. Never thinking i would see this guy ever again. But then i go to school again on friday and see him in seminary. We talk a bit but not much. Then me and Christelle decide to go to the soccer game and of course he is there also so we talk for a little before i leave for work. The next day i had state jazz competition. I talked to Chad, one of the guys that is in Colton's ward and we talk a little but then i left for work. Later that night while at work i get a text from Chad asking me if i still hadn't been asked to prom. I tell him i haven't been asked and he said "Ok, good. someone you and i both know *hint hint* is going to ask you." Me being exhausted and not being able to put the pieces together says oh ok, thinking it was his brother Nate who was going to ask me. Then i get a text from my mom asking if i know a guy named Colton Harton. I think about it and it sounded familiar but i wasn't sure. Then Chad texts me and says "Yee yuh! told you you would get asked!" at that moment it clicked. Me Christelle and Trevor rush over to my house and see the stuff on my porch. I had to see this for myself, cuz honestly, i didn't believe a boy i had met just three days ago at Taylorsville would ask me to my prom. But...he did?

The hardest part about answering him back was that the next day, he was leaving to Seattle for choir tour. So i wrote a poem, bought some candy and glow in the dark stars and sent them with Christelle to see if she could decorate his hotel room. She never did get the chance...I get a text from him a few days later saying that Chad told him i was going to say yes and what color my dress was. So friday, the day before the dance i pick up Chad Kortney and Taylor and we go over to Colton's house to decorate his room because a fun answer is Chad told me he wasn't home so we go up to the door and ring the door bell. No one answers so we start to walk away. Then of course some one answers the door. We turn around and just my luck...Colton was the one who answers the door. Immediatly i felt my face go *woosh!* red. I explain what we were doing and we just laugh and say oh boy... so i give him the candy, he gives me and hug and we say alright uh...see ya at prom!


I wake up extremely nervous. He'll be here at nine. I get ready and hope i look okay. To pass the time, i go outside and ride around on the rip stick. He finally gets there and i hop in his car. Suprisingly, i'm able to talk and refrain my self from shaking too bad haha. For the day activity we went to an indoor rock wall. On the way there we got a little lost, missed our exit, and almost died haha. But finally we get there and rock climb for an hour and a half or so with everyone else in our group.(Chad - Erowynn, Jake - Mikeala, Jeff- Alexa) The entire time i'm trying to refrain from letting out thats what she said jokes but it gets hard after a while. (thats what she said.) Luckily Colton tells me not to worry, those fly out of his mouth a lot too. So i feel a bit better since every one starts laughing that sometimes neither one of us can control our filters at times. We all get a bit tired and decide its time for lunch. Colton decides he doesn't like the idea of Subway, but says there is a really good sandwich place down town. So we all agree and they follow us down there. But Chad gets lost cuz he can't keep up and Jake is a slow driver so we almost lose him. We get our food and it was pretty dang good. For jr. prom at Murray, we do a promanade down the capital stairs. Chad failed to mention this littel detail to Colton. So he's a bit suprised and gets a little nervous and i just laugh. As long as you walk and don't trip, we'll be fine. I can tell that Colton looked a little exhausted and so did every one else so we decide to go home and get ready. During our drive all morning we had been talking and telling stories and listening to music. He was pretty shocked by the fact that when he tld his stories, i basically knew every person he was talking about. After all, i did grow up with all of these people. So he drops me off, makes fun of the U of U flag above my front door and tells me what time he's pick me up. Luckily, Brett and I are pretty much the same size so i was able to borrow a dress from her instead of spending 300 bucks on something i would wear once. But just my luck, its a really slimming dress and my soccer shorts don't fit well under it.

He knocks on the door and my little brother rushes over and invites him in. Again, im nervous. Mikeala and Alexa had texted me earlier and asked if i was ok because i looked really nervous all morning. But this time was a bit worried cuz i had to put on his booteneer. I have never done one before. Last dance, Peter's mom had done it for me. I pick up the flower and do my best. To his and mine suprise, im pro at it. Got it on first try. While my mom is taking her pictures and we talk for a little bit, my dad is standing in the hall way back in the shadows with his arms folded. Of course. As we go to walk out the door the only thing he says is "Home by midnight." and Colton replies with a "Yess sir." When we get out of the house he asks if i really have to be home by 12 an account that the dance ends at 11. I tell him no, that my mom had said i had no curfew, but Colton was still a bit worried. I guess my dad can be a little intimidating.

For dinner, we all meet at Chad's house and Brianna and Brandon join the party. Chad's parents set up this awesome Italian resturant setting. Food was amazing and desert was awesome. We ate, and talked and got to know each other. Every one pretty much knew each other fairly well except for Colton but every one thought he was hilarious and loved talking to him.

After dinner we all get in the cars and head up to the capital. Colton has his ipod playing and again he's shocked. But this time by the fact that i know almost every artist on his ipod. What can i say, music is my life. i listen to alot. So again we start talking. This this about music and seeing what songs we like and the differant types we like. We get to the capital and get in line for pictures and start singing various songs from Grease, cuz really, who doesn't like Grease? But of course right as they get to us they shut off the camera cuz its time for the oh so fun PROMANADE. dun dun dun. We line up, walk down the stairs, he gives me my rose then we stand around for an hour waiting for every one else to finish so the music can go back on. FINALLY every one is done and the music turns back on and we can "get crazy" like Colton says haha. We dance around for a little bit and then decide we should probably get our pictures. We had been talking all night what we should do in our picture but neither one of us will decide. So as we get up to our turn i say "What if i just jump on your back?" he laughs and asks if thats possible in a dress. For me, of course. haha.

I've never been much of a dancer. I love music that has a good dancing beat but i guess you could say i dont really know how to dance. Maybe just all the other dances i have been to, my date hasn't been that great of a dancer at the time so i just chilled around. But Colton of course, turns out to be a great dancer. And he's just fun to dance with. He's got some moves, thats for sure. For example his little' 'drop the car keys' just about made me die laughing. The very last song they play was the theme song and the only slow song we heard that night. I've never much liked slow dancing. I find it boring, and a little awkward especially when no one talks. But luckily he talks. And he spins and dips me which makes it A LOT less boring and quite interesting as i try not to fall over haha. So sadly, the dance ends and we all head out.

For our night activity we go over to Chad's house again to play games since it was too cold and wet to have the bon fire. sad day. We all change and play apples to apples till about 2 in the morning. Some how poker get brought up and we suggest we should play that but Chad says no. Then me and Colton, jokingly, insist we play strip poker and take off our jackets. Every one laughs but Chad...

He drops me off and again asks if he's going to be okay dropping me off so late. I try to tell him that it's fine but he didnt seem too convinced. He walks me to my door and gives me a hug and says we need to hang out soon. (and yes i did melt just a little bit when he gave me a hug) I open the door to go inside and i head down stairs. I take about three steps and i hear my dad say "Have fun? Get a hug? Is he still out side?" i just laugh and go to bed. He's a bit into the whole scaring every guy who comes over.

So basically jr. prom was the most fun i think i have had in a very long time. I went to bed extremely happy but also a bit sad cuz really, i didn't want that to end. Who could have guessed that this boy i barely knew would take me to prom, and that i would have so much fun?