Thursday, December 11, 2008


Totally forgot i even had this. Thanks for the reminder Celeste!

half way through the school year now...thank goodness. It's not that bad though. making some new friends. Still miss my old friends.

I don't see my Tville friends as often as i would like... but i went to their sadies dance with Christelle and her group. i asked Trevor. eh...lets just say not the best time i've ever had. we went to jump on it. (same place we went to for MAG) Kevin tried scaring me by bouncing me. yeah...popped something in my knee outta place, so i just pushed it back in. Bad move. Really hurts me now. Wore my brace for a while but it made me walk like a dummy and i felt stupid.

But yeah for sadies i asked Trevor. didnt really know him. But i didnt know Teal either and that turned out great so i figured why not. We pretty much did every thing i had done for MAG. Day activity - Jump on it. Dinner- Spag Fac. Dance. After activity - Movie. Loved seeing all my friends though. they seemed pretty happy to see me too. good heck i miss them. Brett wants me to go to Sweetheart in February. i'm thinking about it! we could make it totally sick...

MAG was a blast though! Not bad for my first date. I asked Teal, and that was pretty chill. Funny story about asking Teal... lol. Sooo...this was my first dance. First date. You can pretty much say i was extremely nervous. I figures i better just ask some one who was a good friend and some one i knew i would have fun with and there would be no pressure cuz we are just friends. Good, right? So yannno, i think "Hey, Adam is awesome. Gotta love the guy. I'll ask him!" I buy something like 1400 frooties. put them in a basket, unwrap 5 and write a letter of my name on each wrapper and put them back in. whip up an awesome little poem using my mad rhyming skills. Drive over to his house and have my sisters deliver it to his door. Turns out, he had been asked 15 minutes before i had gotten there. 15 MINUTES! At the least you could say i was bummed. I mean, he's like the only guy i talk to besides Shaun. So i start to think, who on earth am i going to ask? i guess i just wont go. But i talk to oh so wise Brother Knowles. He suggests praying. Ask my friends for suggestions. Then i remebmber one time, Leland texted me telling me that i should ask Teal on a date. Now, keep in mind, i had talked to Teal once. During summer at Sara's birthday party. He was the only person who really made an effort to talk to me. And since Leland said he was a good guy i figured, what they heck. Took him like 2 days for him and his friends to find my name. ha ha. HILARIOUS. but needless to say, Our group "kicked face" as Celeste would say. We were super heros. Batman was by far the best...haha. So i got a few new friends from MAG! Happy day.

Leland left on his mission...2 months ago! England is so far away... finally sent him his first letter yesterday haha. I'm so good at staying on top of things. Seems like every one is leaving on missions! Out right now is... Nate, Leland, Dante, Johnny, Jon, and Lundy. CJ's farewell is this sunday. Dan just got his mission call. Goodness. So many letters.... haha.

Work has started to become awesome again. After Leland left it got a tad dull. But now Greg is back. Definately dont mind having him around. found out he is 11 years older than me...sad day. Josh and Greg have gotta be two of the funniest guys there. Colby (bus boy) is really creeping me out. every time i work with him he asks to hang out. I say maybe, trying to be nice, but i just cant stand him. he creeps. hardcore. Lately my pay checks have kinda sucked. I dont know why. 52 bucks....61 bucks... oh. maybe i should stop getting ppl to go in for me. If i work... i might get more money! maybe...

Oh i have fantastic news! Well in my eyes any way... I dont like Tyson any more! yay. after a whole freaking year later. For some unknown reason, it just took me a while to realize how much he lied to me. Played me and made me look like an idiot. So thats over and done with. Like Coleen said...Boys aren't good and worth it till they are off their missions.

I'm kinda debating on if i should transfer to Tville next year. It's kinda ridiculous. Murray - i dont wanna leave all the friends i have made. It's a great school. Tville - i'd never be alone. see all my friends that i miss like crazy. i can try out for their Madrigals and if i make it they are so freaking awesome. Murray's mads honestly seem so boring. they dont dress up in the funny costumes. dont sing those crazy songs. If i sing in front of people, i want to have fun. Tville is a lot closer to my house. Obviously, there are a lot more reasons to go to Tville. But still, you have no idea how much i gave up to come to Murray. and if i transfer i would feel like im giving up and i was wrong. I NEVER take chances like that, and yet...i did for once in my life. It turned out better than i expected.

I'll try to remember to write in this every once and a while... but no promises.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer? Come back!

Second day of school today. How exciting. Got some pretty tough classes. Jazz band is at 6:45 in the freaking morning. *yawn* sooo tired. Pretty excited though since i'm third chair now. Ha. Take that Nate! This year our school went stupid and split into two lunches. A day lunch for me is just fine. But B day I haven't felt like that big of a loser in a long time. Basically NONE of my friends are in that lunch. Ah the joy of being too shy to make friends. I basically forgot i even had a blog for while. So lets update shall we? Turned sixteen. Had a pretty good birthday i guess. Haven't been on a date yet, but thats okay.I got a job! Imma hostess at the old spaghetti factory (no not a cupcake). It's way fun. Christelle and Kortney work there with me. So many awesome people work there. Theres this bus boy named Leland, man he makes me smile. He's pretty funny and one of the coolest guys. But he's leavin soon to go on his mission. Colton Gardener, Amanda Gardener and I almost got busted by the cops for sneaking into the old mill. Matt and McCall called us and said some one was looking around for us so we had to book it across the lot and hide in a ditch for about and half our. Old mill at night is pretty freaking creepy. We kept hearing weird banging noises coming from what we think was the buliding. I feel like such a creep lately. Here is why : My three friends and I were really bored one tuesday night. So for some reason we decided to go visit another one of our friends (the guy i kinda like). We show up at his house and his parents invite us in and tell us he isn't home right now. But they invite us to hang around till he gets home. So we said okay, why not? We were hanging out with his parents and little sister for maybe 45 minute to an hour before he comes home. I had never met his parents before so i was kinda nervous but they are SO chill, and amazingly nice. And some how i end up sitting between them on the couch. Then when he finally comes home, i'm still sittin there. He gave me a pretty weird look. I'm almost positive my face turned a very bright red (it tends to do that A LOT). My friend was making fun of me and asked me why I even went with them there...I was bein stupid, do you mind? I felt like such a loser. Which i am, but still, its never fun to feel like that. I totally missed volleyball try outs. And soccer try outs. Shaun is actually mad at me for that haha. He told me i have to try out for softball or he'll kill me, so i guess i'm trying out for that. I kinda wimped out on tryouts for all those last year too. Every day since i started work, for some reason, at least one person a day high fives me or touches me or something and freaks out cuz i'm ice cold. It's like i have no blood in my hands so they are always ice. No idea why i'm a giant ice block. I have to constantly sit on my hands to keep them warm. Iv'e decided i really want super powers. Either the ability to read minds, or shoot bacon outta my eyes. Wouldn't that be cool? I mean it's bacon...whenever you want. I keep getting pranked called by my college buddies. ha i love prank calls. They make me laugh. Very much so. Homecoming is in a month. wow. Not sure if i'm going to any dances, but maybe possibly. It's nice just having the option to go though. I'd prefer a car over a dance any day.

ps for Lindsley:
dude, we are tighter than the JoBro's pants.

Thoughts (songs) of the moment:

"I'm tired of wastin' all my time
My heart is hanging on the line
Is it me or someone else
Please take it off the shelf" --- Jonas Brothers "Shelf"

"It was you and me, against the world
And you promised me forever more
Was it something that I said
Was it something that I did
Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful" --- Lesley Roy "Unbeautiful"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Lets see, where do i start?'s summer. July to be more specific. My Dad has a blog. Said I should start one. Why? Who knows. Probably cuz I never write in my journal. Then i saw Celeste had one. So blogging must be cool then, right? So far this summer...I have lots of homework. Honors English and AP U.S. history. Why did i take these classes? I have no idea. Haven't done like any of it. Have only read the first ten chapters in Grapes of Wrath. Haven't taken notes. Not even started on my essay for it. Haven't even attempted to start memorizing the presidents and their years in office. Lets all just say this together...I'm screwed.

Only nine more days until my birthday. Sixteen. Ugh.

Now lets see. What have I been doing this summer? Hanging out with Manilla a lot. (That's Christelle for those who don't know) Made some new friends : Taylor, Paige, Trevor, Shyanne, Katie, Olivia, Teal...New friends are always a good thing. Albert, Ryan, Ryan's little brother, Becca, Zach, Lindsay and I went and saw Batman the other day. Such an awesome movie. I've been hanging out with Tina lately also. She's crazy. I love it. Last night Tina, Ashley, Nate, Bell and I hung out at Tina's house. Then later walked over to Kevin May's house and he joined our party. We just sat in the street and shot Ashley with the air soft gun. I shot Nate in the ear...ooops. I haven't really hung out with any of my Murray friends. I miss them. Especially my senior buddies. I guess they are now my graduated and free buddies. Celeste called last week to invite me to play frisbee!! Couldn't go :( I had already promised Becca that I would go to the pool party with her. Haven't seen Celeste in FOREVER! For sure miss her. She makes me laugh.

I wish my family was a vacation family...but no we aren't like that. I get shocked looks when i say " No i have never been to lake Powell." I think the last time my family took a road trip some where was when we moved to Colorado. The 24th of July is comin up, so almost all my friends are gonna be gone on vacation. So I'm alone. Parker is going to snake river and then bear lake. lucky. Heather will be in Washington. Emily is going to lake Powell. Kortney is goin off to some family vacation. Shan is going boating. Not sure what Tyson is doing, but its not like he ever hangs out with me any way. But at least Manilla is stayin here. And she doesn't have work so maybe I'll tag along with her where ever she goes. Her family likes me so that's a good thing. Her family is awesome. They make me laugh.

Quotes of the moment...
"Courage is when you are afraid but you keep moving forward" - The Strange Familiar

"Only when we are no longer afraid to be, we begin to live" - Dorothy Thompson

"Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway." - Mignon McLaughlin

Courage is fear that has said its prayers." - Dorothy Bernard

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer." - George Smith Patton

"Optimism is the foundation of courage." ~Nicholas Murray Butler

"Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway". ~John Wayne

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die." ~G.K. Chesterton

In case you haven't noticed, I'm focusing on courage right now. It's what i don't have at the moment but need to obtain. Because honestly, he scares the crap out of me.