Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Short and Sweet

I've finally realized that i've been a bit of a bum these past few weeks.
Dont really get "ready" for the day.
Dragging my feet around feeling very sorry for my self.
I'll even admit i've cried myself to sleep a time or two.
I'm not gonna exactly say why, but i need to realize that my world cant revolve around a guy.
It just doesnt work out.
I used all my strength on him and i need to re-energize.
Sorry if i've flaked out on you guys in the past month.
I know i have been pretty rude to some, and i feel terrible.
I've had alot of things on my mind and im still not sure how to fix them.
But im determined to force myself to smile.
Life is too short to be a mope.
I'm sure some of you realize how i feel.
A broken heart is not an easy thing to deal with.
So, please, be patient with me.
I'm still learning.