Friday, July 17, 2009

The Soundtrack of my Summer.

Summer defined by the dictionary : the period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline

I found that definition really interesting. Summer really is when we, in a way, find our selves. And when we find our selves, that is when we are in our finest development. We find ourselves in many different ways. So far this summer of 2009, i have really seen how much of a pansy i can be. And that i allow too many people to walk all over me. As most of you probably know, i'm into horror movies. I think the work obsessed is a bit strong, but it's close to that. I don't think that there is a horror movie out there that i can't watch. (unless it has to deal with clowns *shudder*, but thats a different story for a different time) I've spent a good portion of my summers watching scary movies, and going on scary adventures. A lot of people can't as much fear and horror as i can. But i know that these things that i watch aren't REAL. It's whats REAL is what truly scares me. Meeting new people has always been a challenge for me. I can be really shy and can have a hard shell to crack at some points in my life. I blame the fact that i've moved sixteen times in my life. But i try to push my self past that REAL fear and make friends where ever i go. Luckily, i can control that fear. The REAL fear that i can't seem to get over at any time is the fear of the boy i like. Once i get to know people, i feel more comfortable talking. But for some reason i have a really hard time being out going with the boy i like. Main reason? I feel like a DORK. Because? I am a DORK. But i can't find any logical reason as to why it's so hard for me to talk around him. I honestly stutter and screw up all my words. We have a lot of the same interests. We both like baseball, and we both play it(softball for me). We both are Utah Ute fans (very important.)Both like to play ultimate frisbee. But no matter what, i'm the worlds biggest pansy. Really found that part of myself this summer.

One thing that kinda hit me hard this summer, was the death of my favorite artist. Michael Jackson. He's been my favorite ever since i was little. His music is amazing. He was so incredibly talented. He went through so much in his life but still managed to stay a good and humble man. I can honestly say that watching his funeral, yes it was a bit over exaggerated, but i cried. He is the king of pop and i doubt that any one will be able to reach his level.

Summer really does feel like perfection at times. It's so warm. No school. Freedom. And all of your friends. I've still got some plans that i need to accomplish. Me and Lindsley made our own summer buckets lists and we're supposed to help each other finish them off. At first i thought it was a stupid idea, but now that we've crossed some things off, its actually really fun. It makes me get up and do things haha.

Go camping x
Tell the guy i like, that i like him
Shoot the tube x
Go to california
Practice trumpet
Learn a new song on guitar x
Make new friends x
Go running at least once a week x
Save up as much money as i can
Soap up three fountains
See Transformers opening night x
See Harry Potter opening night FAIL
Go to Lagoon at least once
Convince my parents that i need a new phone
Learn to rip stick x