Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fever and My Best Friend

Technically, it's not even spring yet.
But I feel like i'm going crazy. It's warm and beautiful out side!
I'm so glad it's starting to get like this.
Winter was not a great time for me.
But spring brings back everything that i love.
Soccer, softball, sunshine, warmer nights, the stars :)
I want this spring to be a new start for me.

-Dont procrastinate. Get the job done.
-Dont dwell on the past. It just makes it hurt more.
-Smile and look on the bright side of life.
-Dont wish for things i once had. Take advantage of what i have at the moment.
-Learn to ride my rip-stick

I'm promising my self and every one else that by the end of the summer, i will have accomplished all of these.

I feel like i need to apologize to some of my friends.
I haven't been that great of a friend lately. I've been selfish and only thinking of my self and my problems it seems like. I have caused un-needed drama and caused problems that should have never even started. I'm trying to fix these things right now. And i promise i will. I'm going to stand strong, and this time, no more hiding behind some silly song. I'm fixing this for good. I've taken advantage of your friendship and leaned on you guys too much. Complained too much. I gotta learn to stand on my own two feet. I never thought something like this would hit me so hard when im only sixteen, but it did.

Spring break is coming up!
very excited for that. But as soon as spring break comes, that means tour is right around the corner! I can't wait to go to NY city. Not only because it's NY, but because i see it as an escape. No school, no job, just me having fun. Even though i dont have my best friends going with me this year, i'm sure it will be great. I want to spend the whole time not thinking about Utah.

2 and a half months left of school. This thrills me! you have no idea.
Me and Christelle are going to go on a road trip. Live in her car. I love her so much. She's my best friend. I hope she knows that. Without her, i wouldnt be the same. I cant think of one time where she hasnt been there for me, backing me up, and making me laugh. If i can just be somewhat like her, i know im on the right track to where ever i need to go. Ever since 9th grade we have been best friends. Thats when our whole Manilla thing kicked into gear. I find it hilarious that that has stuck around for so long. Even her parents just call me Manilla. I think they knew me as that before they knew me as Kylee. Yesteday was not a good day for me, and her being Christelle could instantly see that. As soon as she ran over and gave me a hug i remember thinking " Thank you God for my best friend" and about 5 minutes later i hear her from the kitchen yell "Dont talk to me" and her come out smiling at me. I couldnt help but laugh. Only Christelle. Only Christelle. I'm only going to be able to survive these next few weeks if she is there with me. and of course if Eric is with me haha. I almost look forward to this next week, just to see how things play out.

I cant be unhappy forever, so why not stop now?