Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer? Come back!

Second day of school today. How exciting. Got some pretty tough classes. Jazz band is at 6:45 in the freaking morning. *yawn* sooo tired. Pretty excited though since i'm third chair now. Ha. Take that Nate! This year our school went stupid and split into two lunches. A day lunch for me is just fine. But B day lunch...sucks. I haven't felt like that big of a loser in a long time. Basically NONE of my friends are in that lunch. Ah the joy of being too shy to make friends. I basically forgot i even had a blog for while. So lets update shall we? Turned sixteen. Had a pretty good birthday i guess. Haven't been on a date yet, but thats okay.I got a job! Imma hostess at the old spaghetti factory (no not a cupcake). It's way fun. Christelle and Kortney work there with me. So many awesome people work there. Theres this bus boy named Leland, man he makes me smile. He's pretty funny and one of the coolest guys. But he's leavin soon to go on his mission. Colton Gardener, Amanda Gardener and I almost got busted by the cops for sneaking into the old mill. Matt and McCall called us and said some one was looking around for us so we had to book it across the lot and hide in a ditch for about and half our. Old mill at night is pretty freaking creepy. We kept hearing weird banging noises coming from what we think was the buliding. I feel like such a creep lately. Here is why : My three friends and I were really bored one tuesday night. So for some reason we decided to go visit another one of our friends (the guy i kinda like). We show up at his house and his parents invite us in and tell us he isn't home right now. But they invite us to hang around till he gets home. So we said okay, why not? We were hanging out with his parents and little sister for maybe 45 minute to an hour before he comes home. I had never met his parents before so i was kinda nervous but they are SO chill, and amazingly nice. And some how i end up sitting between them on the couch. Then when he finally comes home, i'm still sittin there. He gave me a pretty weird look. I'm almost positive my face turned a very bright red (it tends to do that A LOT). My friend was making fun of me and asked me why I even went with them there...I was bein stupid, do you mind? I felt like such a loser. Which i am, but still, its never fun to feel like that. I totally missed volleyball try outs. And soccer try outs. Shaun is actually mad at me for that haha. He told me i have to try out for softball or he'll kill me, so i guess i'm trying out for that. I kinda wimped out on tryouts for all those last year too. Every day since i started work, for some reason, at least one person a day high fives me or touches me or something and freaks out cuz i'm ice cold. It's like i have no blood in my hands so they are always ice. No idea why i'm a giant ice block. I have to constantly sit on my hands to keep them warm. Iv'e decided i really want super powers. Either the ability to read minds, or shoot bacon outta my eyes. Wouldn't that be cool? I mean it's bacon...whenever you want. I keep getting pranked called by my college buddies. ha i love prank calls. They make me laugh. Very much so. Homecoming is in a month. wow. Not sure if i'm going to any dances, but maybe possibly. It's nice just having the option to go though. I'd prefer a car over a dance any day.

ps for Lindsley:
dude, we are tighter than the JoBro's pants.

Thoughts (songs) of the moment:

"I'm tired of wastin' all my time
My heart is hanging on the line
Is it me or someone else
Please take it off the shelf" --- Jonas Brothers "Shelf"

"It was you and me, against the world
And you promised me forever more
Was it something that I said
Was it something that I did
Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful" --- Lesley Roy "Unbeautiful"