Monday, November 8, 2010

My Life Be Like: "Woah... Are You Serious Right Now?"

I"m going to start off by saying people are ridiculous. In good and bad ways.

First of all: When you tell someone that you will let them know when you don't "like" them any more, make sure you do that. That way, they don't run around trying as hard as they can to make you happy and make themselves look like a complete fool. Don't tell them that you still have feelings for them, and then turn around and still treat them like you could care less if they fell off a cliff.
People bug.

Second: My friends are amazing. I know I say this a lot, but I can't get over it. They make everything worth dealing with. Laughing is one of my favorite things ever. So when i'm driving around in a car with my guys and they all start scream singing to "I Just Died In Your Arm Tonight" I can't breath because I am laughing so hard. Those are the kinds of night that I never want to end.

Third: Even if you make me mad and treat me like crap, I am still going to give you the benefit of the doubt and treat you with respect. I won't treat you the way you treat me, so how about you change something? I don't really hold grudges, so if you would just stop acting like you are above everyone and come down to our level, I would be more than happy to just be friends. But that involves your head to deflate a bit. Seriously.

Fourth: I love my family. They make me laugh. Especially my little brother. I love how when someone hurts me, my aunt's first comment is "I know people in the Mafia. Just give me a call" I love how they will help me pin sheets over all the doorways in the living room so we can have a giant fort. Ans instead of making fun of me for acting like I'm five, they play along with me.

Fifth: I wish I could go back and erase you from my memories. That way I could be happy all the time and quite looking back. If you keep acting like this, I will eventually just walk away. But hey, I guess that's how we learn our lessons. And I have learned a HUGE one. So maybe I should say thank you. :) Please, treat her better than you treated me. She deserves it.

It's raining right now... that makes me happy.

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